Hello! I'm Molly Doran — a multidisciplinary designer with over 10 years of experience in the music, design, education, and healthcare industries. I'm currently a Senior Designer at Work & Co in Portland, Oregon.

I’m energized by creative, challenging, and collaborative work. I approach my work with empathy and optimism, crafting intuitive products and digital brand experiences that are engaging, accessible, and a joy to use.


Visiting Kunihiko Hayakawa's 'Bus Stop House' in Tokyo


UI/UX, Visual, Product, Prototyping, Typography, Branding, Identity, Interaction, Art Direction, Motion


Providence, Kaiser Permanente, VistaPrint, DIRECTV, Wells Fargo, Core77, CHIFOO, RVNG Int'l, Visible Cloaks, Clone Records


CSS Design Award — Innovation


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