Healthcare Client

This project engaged one of the top five largest healthcare networks in the US to conceptualize, design, and pilot a brand new caregiver onboarding app and administrative platform. After a fresh rebranding effort mid-project, I was brought on to the team to envision the new brand within the onboarding ecosystem.


The dilemma

Of the thousands of new providers that join this hospital network every year, nearly 30% leave during their onboarding journey. Onboarding usually takes at least 6 months, has no single point of contact, and is a manual process that still involves fax machines.


An agile approach

Our approach started by seeking to understand the breadth of the current experience and pain points across provider onboarding.

Our goal in the initial 'Discovery and Alignment' phase of the project was to understand the nuanced needs of providers and nurses onboarding to the health system across multiple geographies and specialties.

I joined the project during the 'Build & Pilot' phase in which our team worked cross-functionally with the client product design team to create a scalable design system that is simple, calming, and human.



A mobile app for newly hired physicians and nurses to understand and monitor their onboarding process, and an administrative platform to provide a cross-functional view of the candidates' progress and track team productivity. 

The solutions are human-centered, intuitive, and connected across the entire onboarding process from signing the offer letter to credentialing, and through the first 30-days of work. 

Project team

Louise Larson, Lead UX Strategist
Yen-Chun (Joy) Lin, Senior UX Designer
Jaime Muñoz, Lead Visual Designer
Molly Doran, Senior Experience Designer
Stefanie Sequeira, Senior Experience Designer