Coroflot Pro Search is a prominent portfolio website and design job board within the design community. Our team was committed to diversifying Coroflot’s offerings and began developing new tools to assist our clients and users in achieving their goals. Pro Search was the first of these tools to go into production.


The dilemma

Traditionally, Coroflot's clients utilized the site to post design jobs and applicants came to them. This was effective for hiring much of the time, but a few clients complained of a high percentage of designers applying to their jobs that were poor matches, whether skill or location-wise.

These pain points led us to believe we needed to create a way for our clients to search a highly qualified pool of candidates to either contact regarding a current open position or save to a curated list. In order to create this talent pool, we knew we needed to introduce the concept of a second user profile only visible to employers.


A curated community

The concept of a vetted design community had woven its way into the Coroflot fabric in a few ways. When I joined the team, my first project was ideating and designing an internal vetting dashboard to review new applicants to the site based on work samples and experience. This resulted in a visible increase in the quality of portfolios and, over time, elevated user engagement such as uploading new projects, favoriting, and commenting.

Soon after, we established the concept of Talent Communities with the goal of featuring talented users within different design fields as a way to spotlight candidates for employers. This ultimately floundered as the communities failed to grow at a desirable rate, so we went back to the drawing board.

Before focusing on the design of the talent search tool, we needed to recruit a good amount of talent to fill in the results. After multiple iterations of the Talent Profile, our community outreach team engaged our users regarding the new employment profile and waited for the deeper profiles to roll in. While we were busy collecting Talent Profiles, I got to work on the search product.


A perfect match

The talent search is simple but powerful, and we designed the product with hiring managers in mind. After consulting with our CX team and fielding client feedback regarding other job tools they frequently use, I created an intuitive interface that makes searching for candidates and saving them to your curated lists effortless.



Pro Search has since become a subscription-based service for employers to search for active and passive candidates for their design hiring needs. In response to client feedback, I also redesigned our user messaging system in order to support conversation tracking, increasing overall messaging sitewide by 40%.

Project team

Eric Ludlum, Product Owner
Molly Doran, Lead Product Designer
Matthew Giuggio, Lead Front-End Developer

Beau Bohanan, CX & Community Outreach