As part of the Core77 family, Coroflot provides the space and opportunity for creative professionals and hiring companies to find each other. One of my main objectives when joining the team was to redesign the Coroflot website.


Reimagining the brand was long overdue for a redesign seeing as it had not seen a refresh in 6 years. The previous website felt cramped and visually overstimulating in a space where we wanted the designers’ work to take center stage. After The Collected Works designed a dynamic new logo and branding, I joined the team as a Lead UI/UX designer. I was tasked with creating a newly responsive design system and user experience for


An energized backdrop

The structure of the redesigned site is built of various cards for jobs, talent, and projects, and has ample whitespace throughout. I utilized a light color palette, with key navigational elements in vivid colors, so the site would feel uplifting to creatives (myself included). This allowed the site’s presence to fade into the background and the designers’ work to shine.


Simplified job postings

For the job board, we streamlined the application process and reorganized the role details into a clear and concise layout. The emphasis was on honing the platform for employers and applicants alike — larger branding, improved presence for the company's information, and prominent application buttons made for a more elegant and effective talent acquisition point.



Each top-level page has a large hero image showcasing users’ work, which is randomized on page load. This allowed Coroflot to feature its members' work in a bold new way while creating a sense of community and belonging.


Best foot forward

Creatives and clients alike can browse portfolio projects and easily follow, like, or comment on their peers' projects. Clicking on an image within a project initiates a slideshow mode which can be used for presentations or interviews.


A creative hub

The user portfolio page was a pet project within a project for me. One of our goals at Coroflot was to increase user engagement and I believe helping users share their work in the best light was key.

In order to simplify the user experience, I anchored their frequently used features within a central sitewide tabbed navigation. When logged in, an additional 'Favorites' tab is displayed so the user can easily browse projects they've liked previously.



Wrap up

With this expansive project, I worked closely with our product team to create a holistic and mobile-friendly user experience throughout the site — erasing clutter and elegantly displaying designers' projects and job postings alike.


Coroflot Mobile Work Unit by Los Osos

Project team

Eric Ludlum, Creative Director
Tobias Berblinger, Art Director
Molly Doran, Lead UI/UX Designer
Matthew Giuggio, Lead Front-End Developer
The Collected Works, Branding & Identity